1. We Remember Them 2021 (“WRT2021”) is a campaign to raise money and awareness for The Laura Hyde Foundation incorporated with Registered Charity Number 1190944 (“LHF”).
  2. The concept of WRT2021 is that individuals and groups (“Relay Participants”) are invited to plan their own activities (“Relay Legs”) making donations to LHF and using their Relay Legs to produce sponsorship and additional fundraising in aid of LHF.
  3. Relay Participants are asked to register their Relay Legs with WRT2021 which will enable their Relay Legs to be entered on the WRT2021 Relay Map.
  4. These Terms and Conditions are the basis upon which WRT2021 is taking place.
  5. In these Terms and Conditions “the WRT2021 Campaign” means the following or any of them:-

(1) LHF;

(2) Any officer of LHF; and

(3) Any Volunteer assisting in WRT2021 except where that Volunteer is a Relay Participant and/or involved in the planning and/or execution of a Relay Leg.

  1. WRT2021 has been planned as a charitable fundraising campaign described as a “Virtual Relay” whereby Relay Participants plan and perform their own Relay Legs and accept sole personal responsibility on that basis.
  2. The Relay Legs will consist of a range of any number of different physical activities selected by the Relay Participants in different parts of the UK reflecting the personal enthusiasm and expertise of each Relay Participant.
  3. It is not practical, reasonable or within the spirit of WRT2021 for the WRT2021 Campaign to take any responsibility for the planning or execution of the Relay Legs and the WRT2021 Campaign will not be doing so.
  4. Assessment Process

Relay Participants therefore acknowledge IT IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE that they carry out their own rigorous assessment process before planning, preparing for or attempting their Relay Leg covering essential matters including but not limited to:-

(1) The nature of the Relay Leg and the extent to which it is physically challenging and may pose a risk of discomfort, illness, injury or death.

(2) The location where the Relay Leg will take place.

(3) The Relay Participant’s medical history and the likelihood that the Relay Participant will be physically capable of performing the Relay Leg without undue risk to the Relay Participant’s health or life.


(4) The Relay Participant’s past experience of any similar challenge.

(5) The training, practice or build up required.

(6) The need for appropriate equipment.

(7) The need for appropriate back up such as support personnel, support vehicles, support vessels, marshals, etc.

(8) The need for attendant safety measures.

(9) The need to seek medical advice prior to attempting the Relay Leg.

(10) The need for medical support during and after the Relay Leg.

(11) The appropriate dietary/nutritional preparation for the Relay Leg and the provision of the necessary nutritional and liquid intake during and after the Relay Leg.

(12) Estimate of the time within which it is likely the Relay Leg can be safely completed.

(13) Likely significance of hours of daylight.

(14) Likely impact of weather.

(15) Likely impact of tides.

(16) The need for the most accurate possible forecasting and other information regarding weather and tides.

(17) System to ensure the Relay Leg can be safely postponed or cancelled if required for any reason.

(18) Safety considerations regarding minimum and maximum numbers for Relay Legs to be undertaken as a group.

(19) System for availability of emergency contact details in case of medical or other emergency.

(20) System to protect the health and safety of anyone other than a Relay Participant attending a Relay Leg as a helper, supporter or spectator.

(21) Need for re-affirmation of individual personal responsibility and consideration of areas of responsibility for Relay Legs undertaken as a group.

(22) The need to obtain appropriate insurance cover.

(23) Compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

(24) The need for specific health screening for any Relay Participant who has at any time previously tested positive for Covid-19.

(25) Compliance with any applicable laws and regulations including obtaining any necessary licence, consent or permission.

  1. The WRT2021 Campaign will not be providing any of the measures that may prove to be necessary as a result of the Assessment Process to be carried out by each Relay Participant in accordance with Paragraph 9 above and provision of them will be the sole responsibility of the Relay Participant.
  2. The WRT2021 Campaign will not be taking any responsibility for checking the Assessment Process to be carried out by Relay Participants in accordance with Paragraph 9 above. The fact a Relay Leg has been registered for WRT2021 shall not be taken to imply that the WRT2021 Campaign has carried out any such checks.
  3. Registration, Acceptance and Waiver

Relay Participants are asked to register their Relay Leg with WRT2021 using the Registration, Acceptance and Waiver Form which is subject to and incorporates these WRT2021 Terms and Conditions.

  1. No one is entitled to perform a Relay Leg as part of WRT2021 without first of all completing the registration process in accordance with Paragraph 12 above. All members of a group must complete the registration process separately.
  2. Relay Participants have no authority to represent LHF or WRT2021 and are not acting on behalf of LHF or WRT2021 but are acting on their own behalf in order to fundraise in aid of LHF and WRT2021. The use of LHF or WRT2021 branded merchandise by a Relay Participant does not alter this position.
  3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or restricts liability for death or personal injury resulting from the WRT2021 Campaign’s negligence.
  4. These Terms and Conditions are subject to English law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


WRT2021 Fundraising Rewards Scheme Terms and Conditions

Rewards scheme claimants will only receive a fundraising reward if he/she fundraises the stated amount required to unlock the reward as shown on the WRT2021 website.
No rewards will be provided to spectators or participants who do not fundraise the specified amount.

LHF and We Remember Them 2021 reserves the right to change the style, size and type of reward items offered in the reward scheme. Both LHF and We Remember Them 2021 also reserve the right to withdraw the fundraising rewards scheme at any time.
Claimants must use a JustGiving page linked to the WRT2021 campaign (www.justgiving.com/campaign/WRT2021LHF) to collect eligible donations. Donations collected offline do not qualify.

To make a claim for a reward, claimants must send an email to: wrt2021relay@gmail.com by 30th October 2021 with a link to their JustGiving page. All emails sent must contain ‘Fundraising Rewards Claim’ within the subject line of the email.
Claimants must have claimed their reward by 30th October 2021 – any claim received after this date will not be accepted.

Fundraising rewards will be posted out to claimants using the address they provided at the point of WRT2021 virtual relay registration.

Fundraising rewards will be posted out from 30th September 202. Rewards may take up to 4 weeks to arrive from date of claim submission.